Adventures in Goa – Land

pianist in GoaIn two weeks, I’ll be beginning my Asian tour, filled with performances, workshops, encouragement to children and bright smiling faces.  The power of music to heal, empower and encourage will come through my fingertips with the hope that something powerful begins to accumulate with a positive evolutionary spiral.

First stop?  Goa, India.  I will be a highlighted pianist in Goa, specifically offering special performances, events and other workshops.  Goa for musicians has a warm reception and is at the heart of so many being able to come in for a true expression.

Being a pianist in Goa will be complimentary to workshops offered in Goa.  Musical workshops in Goa will include performance, singing, piano and songwriting boosters.  Sound healing and empowerment programs are also available as a part of the Goa musical workshops.

Those who are in the area, looking for a pianist in Goa can contact me through this website as I still have available dates through March.  Those interested in a music workshop in Goa can also contact me to see how we can collaborate.

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