Art has the power to be both destructive and creative.  It holds a significant key that can open the doors to those in need, making a statement and mixing together a world filled with light and love.  I am dedicated to a creativity that is based on positive outcomes, messages used for healing and transformation and one that can bring a powerful force of beauty to every community I step into.  

DSCF7175Brooke Hart is known for her extraordinary talents in the artistic circles as an accomplished teacher, performer, author and executive marketing consultant.

Classically trained since the age of 5, she began her performance career at the age of 7.  She has toured the United States, Europe, India and the Middle East.  She has performed hundreds of times to more than half a million people.  Her performances include classical solo piano performances as well as her own plays and compositions.  She is also a recording artist, with her release, Whispers of Light.

Brooke is also recognized for her teaching abilities with music, alternative therapies and business.  She has held several classes and workshops while teaching hundreds in the field of music and business.  She held a music studio for over 7 years, teaching privately and with workshops.  She currently offers workshops in music, art therapy, sound healing and business.

Brooke’s experiences have led to several books based on her knowledge.  She is the author of 2 poetry books, plays, short stories, fiction and non – fiction books.  She is the author of books such as 9 Secrets to Success for business know how as well as Medicine Mind, Medicine Body, a book which recognizes energy medicine techniques.

In the field of business, she has worked with businesses internationally, ranging from Ireland to Australia, the US, India and Russia. She is an expert in the field of Internet Marketing, copywriting and brand building. She is currently executive marketing director of Omatrix Inc, an online university and global consulting firm.

She is currently dedicated to the Sounds of Humanity, a creative performance based on transforming social issues.  She works with sponsors and organizations for the performances and workshops, including both her personal appearances and commissions for compositions of plays, musicals, operas and Sounds of Humanity topics.  She recently launched her Angel World Tour in Goa, India at the Exposition of Saint Francis Xavier, offering her original angel music to thousands of fathers and pilgrims from across Asia.


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