The Eternal Flame

eternal flameEvery evening I have a special prayer that I offer, usually after the sun sets. I light a candle and incense and chant Hari Om Shanti a Lakha Maha Laxmi. It asks for peace and prosperity to come to the Earth. Last night, I offered the same prayer with a candle and incense, as I always do.

Something very interesting happened with the candle.  I woke up at 5 AM and the candle was still burning.  I thought that maybe it just had a long wick.  I woke up again at 8 or 9 and the candle was still burning.  It continued burning throughout the day, only to go out almost 24 hours later.

I was looking at the candle to find some reasonable explanation.  There was none.  There was no wax around the candle flame and nothing it could be burning.  Only a wick that continue to burn throughout the night and the day.

This phenomena is known as jyoti jog – the eternal flame.  When all the wax melts away and all the impurities are gone, the center of the flame continues to burn.  This is the pure essence that remains in the light forever.  It is the being of every individual in the light.

What is more significant is that the flame was ignited around my prayer for peace and prosperity.  The flame has a direct connection to the pure and core essence of the being of peace and prosperity, coming to and through us in the year 2015.

For those that want to continue with the eternal flame, burn a candle with Hari Om Shanti a Laka Maha Laxmi.  Do this continuously for an extension of 40 days, each time asking from the heart for peace and prosperity.  Watch how things begin to shift in your life, allowing for the eternal flame to come into fruition.

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