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Agents, Organizations, Venues, Non – Profits and Individuals!


We are incomplete by ourself.  We cannot function without the other.  In the highest Divine source, we are connected in one fluid and eternal light.  All dancing with each other in a grand play of beauty and wisdom.  Do you see me in you as I see you in me?  That is our true connection.  When you look in my eyes and I look in yours, we see Source itself, weaving through our being.  

Sponsorship and Host Platforms

Sounds of Humanity performances may be available in your city or community.  Please enquire.

Workshops and Empowerment Programs are available for your organization or in your locale.

Children’s Camp Super Star is up and ready for week long programs in your locale.

Performance + Workshop / Empowerment Program + Current Creative Projects.  Work with my vision for a combined effort of performances and programs as well as creative projects that are expanding through the Sounds of Humanity to change the world.

I am open to cooperative fundraising benefits where the sponsor may enter partnerships with me for their organization and likewise.


Hire me for strategic development or to assist with empowerment programs in your community.  This is a group where community outreach continues.  Individuals will be hired as leaders of Sounds of Humanity projects.

If you have your own performing arts center and want to be the star with a Sounds of Humanity Performance, then you can commission me to write a specialized performance for you.


Donate and help the social issues fly into a positive outcome!  All donations support artistic projects as well as Sounds of Humanity programs, including but not limited to technology projects, empowerment programs and associations with non – profits.

Suggested Donations:

$100 – Bronze

$1,000 – Silver

$10,000 – Bronze

In return, I will be happy to give you my current CD downloads or may even come and have dinner with you.  🙂

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