Give Your Children A Gift That Lasts a Lifetime!


Super Star Camp

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Boost Confidence!

We go beyond basic music skills and help your child to accelerate at monumental rates.  At our Super Star Camps, children will learn how to boost their confidence in any venture they decide to approach in life.  Our unique psychological skills and approach to teaching is based on giving your child positive reinforcement and feedback that lasts a lifetime!
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Hart Speed Learning Skills

We  have developed methods offered nowhere else that supports your child to begin learning at accelerated speeds.  A developed approach to speed learning is taught to all children.  When they go back to school or venture into any activities, they can apply these special principles to stay ahead and on top of their game!  

Skills To Reach Greater Potential 

We support your child in learning specific skills that sets a positive approach to life in motion.  Our focus is to help your child reach their greatest potential in life.  Problem solving, a  mindset for success, creative approaches to life and a healthy and happy lifestyle are the beginning to our guidance with your child.  Through our camp, your child will enjoy educational, empowerment, creative skills they can apply in every facet of life.
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How You Can Benefit from the Special Approach of Super Star Camp!

Hi, my name is Brooke Hart, and I am the founder of Super Star Camp.  This camp has a special place in my heart as I have seen how children are impacted when approached with a learning style that is fast, fun, effective and filled with positive approaches.  That is my focus and style when teaching children at Super Star Camp.I began learning piano at the age of 5 and performing at the age of 7.  I hold a Bachelor’s in Piano Performance and have travelled globally as a performer.  I compose and have introduced Whispers of Light, a piano CD.  I have been performance coach and assistant musical director to musicals such as Les Miserable.  I have assisted with several children’s camps as a musical director.  I also owned and operated a renowned music studio in Colorado for over 15 years, offering private and group classes.
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What Your Children Really Need

My personal experience and observations led to a completely new approach in teaching.  I realized that the traditional styles of teaching music and other subjects were missing huge components that stalled children’s learning.  They were ready to accelerate and the curriculum was not ready to match their needs!  I have integrated a specialized speed learning system with music, dance and theater, offering children a completely new way to get ahead in every area of their lives!Super Star Camp is like no other!  It instantly transforms children, allowing them to feel empowered and ready to conquer the world!  I have seen children build self – esteem and boost with their studies in music and beyond.  When applying these skills, they learn at monumental rates, showing the world that they are genius and talented.
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How It Works

Mini Camps
A 2 day glimpse of the Super Star Camp!  Enjoy the fun, activities and games with a strong, learning curve.  Children will learn basic speed learning techniques and a smaller version of the musical, Shine On.  Add this up with Yoga, health activities and a multi-cultural curriculum.  For children of all ages!
                                 Full Camps
A 4 day to week long experience from 10 – 5.  This holiday camp will transform and empower your chil’ds life while introducing them to specialized techniques offered by Super Star Camp.  Children will learn Speed Learning techniques, music, dance and theater, Yoga, team building activities and work with a multi-cultural curriculum for learning unavailable in any other camp or school!  Camps are divided for children ages 7 – 12 and ages 13 – 18.

What A Day At Camp Looks Like

10 – 11 – Good Morning Games and Super Yoga 11:15 – 12 – Music, Dance and Theater Workshops 12:15 – 1:15 – Lunch 
1:30 – 2:00 – Music, Dance and Theater Workshops 2:15 – 3:00 – Hart Speed Learning Techniques 
3:15 – 3:45 – Snack and Games 
4:00 – 5:00 – Multicultural Workshops (changes daily) 
5:15 – 6:00 – Teambuilding, Confidence Boosting Activities
*Lunch and Snacks are Provided for All Children!

The Super Star Talent Show!

At the end of every Super Star Camp, children will perform the Shine On musical and dance that we have created together.  You may also find the Super Star Camp around the globe, offering talent shows for children that are interested in music, dance, theater and the arts.  By your child joining us for camp, they will have a complimentary pass to be a part of our initial talent show, allowing them to… Shine On!
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“I’ve never had so much fun!  Miss Brooke makes learning easy and simple.  My vocal skills are so much better and I just got a lead role in my school musical for the first time!  I still talk with all the friends I made, from all over the world!  I can’t wait for Super Star Camp next year!”
– Laura, Super Star
“The investment in Super Star Camp is the best I have made.  My child came home positive, happy and with a global outlook on life.  Her grades are going up from the learning techniques she is applying and I am surprised to see her doing Yoga almost every morning with a smile!  I know that the skills she learned will support her for the rest of her life.  I can’t thank the Super Star Camp enough for what they offer!  We’ll be back to sing and learn more!”
– Alexa, Super Star Mom
“Miss Brooke, where are you?  I’m taking vocal lessons and it’s just not the same!  I know that it’s easier and you were just so much fun!  I think about Super Star Camp all the time and still sing the songs.  All my friends are learning the Shine On theme song with me and I’m showing them the fast and easy ways to get homework done, just because of you.”
– Echo, Super Star
“I wish every child could experience the Super Star Camp.  It’s a blessing and we are so lucky to have found it.  There is no other camp that integrates so many techniques for learning, from music to Yoga to problem solving and creative skills.  The children think it’s fun and games, but I can see the difference in my son and how he thinks and approaches his friends and his school work.  It has changed him into developing better habits and retaining them.  I know this will help him with more opportunities and positive experiences later in life.  Bravo, bravo and bravo again to you Super Star team!”
– Paul, Super Star Dad

Exclusively for Goa!

Where And When Is It At?
The Super Star Camp will be held December 26 – 30, 2014 from 9 – 3 at Don Bosco.
The Super Star Camp originated in the United States, with hundreds of children benefiting from the confidence boosters and learning styles.  However, we decided that it may be best to take the show on the road.  The International Super Star Camp is now in Goa, specifically for residents to benefit before we go to our next location.
How Much Does It Cost?
We’ve reduced our price for Goa!  In the U.S., we charged an average of 75,000 Rs. per child.  But we want affordability for families!

The price is ONLY 7,500 Rs. when you register today!

The price reduction is specifically for Goa.  We’ve added up the figures to pay for costs for the camp and our travel costs while allowing your family to benefit during our stay in Goa and before we move onto our next destination.
Don’t miss out on this exclusive offer!