Meet Me In the Land of Nothing


Meet me in the land of nothing.
Where endless space ignites
With traces of

Meet me in the land of nothing.
And turn every corner.
You can see further here – clear
Nothing blocks you from

Meet me in the land of nothing.
I am waiting in that space.
You can feel every breath
Surrounding you
It exhales through mountains of space
Inhales through vast oceans of whispering

Love is in a whirlwind of fire
Blazing, circling, into
more breath

Can you see…
It is a cavern filled with promises and hope and whispers of elders.
It is a space that echoes into the far reaches of the universe.
Blasts of light and dark and spaces in between are filling the air with lightning bolts.

A space where the bowl filled in your belly
Filled with cords connecting outward
That holds you down with tears
Shackle you with anger and fear
Keeping you in so many places


Meet me in the land of nothing.
Where you can melt or fly or turn

You would find there
A place where there are no stories of
There is no room for anything here.
Fall into the vastness.

Leave your illusions behind.

Falling off you as emperor’s clothes.

Meet me in the land of nothing.

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