We live in a world of great contrast and conflict.  It holds great potential for a golden age of prosperity and peace.  It also holds great potential for complete destruction, conflict and pain.  I choose peace. I choose prosperity. And in my choice, I bring what I can to others in the world, hoping that what I see as the destiny of the Earth truly arises to greatness and beauty.  

Mission & Vision of Sounds of Humanity

The Art of Trans-Performance

imageThe Sounds of Humanity is based on the art of trans – performance, or transformational performance.  This is performance that is based on the power of education and empowerment designed to change each individual.

When we become educated and empowered, then we can transform.  Without these keys, we become trapped in a certain pattern, habitual thought form or way of being that is out of alignment with our true self.  It is only through education and contemplation that we can begin to grow back into our true and Divine form.

Trans – performance has been created with the understanding that education is at the heart of changing the social stigmas and issues of the world.  It focuses on peace and prosperity as the format for growth and development.

Trans – performance is not interested in the “diva” personality or the egotistical types that are often at center stage.  The performer, musician, visual artist, dancer or other individual holds a power to heal and transform the world and focuses the intention on this.  Each script follows this, specifically to bring a message and gift to every audience.

Every performance I offer is my gift to you. I am holding out my hands and playing every note, singing in every key for you.  Every set change, every dance move, every picture, is for you.  The only reason I believe in art is to believe in the gift that it can give to your heart. And with this gift, it is my hope that you can receive what you need, even behind the backdrop of the audience.  Take my gift into your heart and heal.  Take my gift and let your heart reach it’s potential, it’s divinity, it’s truth.  And with this gift I give you, you and I are united and in harmony for peace and prosperity in this world.

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