Music Workshops

Super Star Series


performance workshopCapture your audience and keep them in the palm of your hand.  This 4 hour to 2 day intensive is designed to boost your performance levels. Whether you are a beginning musician or have been performing like a pro, you can take your performances to the next level.  Learn how to:


– Use mind power to master your performances

– Overcome stage fright

– Hold your audience with a performance

– Boost Your performance levels to the next stage

Through this interactive workshop, those who are interested in getting on stage or through an audition will learn specific approaches that will help them to get into the spotlight.


songwriting workshopsWriting your next hit for film or for your band can help you to build a profession as a musician.  This 4 hour to 2 day songwriting course is designed to provide you with the tricks you need to write your next hit.  Through the songwriting intensive, you will learn:

– Theories in composition

– How to write hit lyrics

– Overcoming road blocks with your next song

– How to always write at your best

The workshop offers interactive approaches with students to take their music and to expand it into a Super Star hit.  Through this process, beginning to advanced level musicians can move to the next level of songwriting.

Singing Booster

Keep your voice healthy, happy and singing a high note!  Offering a 4 hour to 2 day singing booster to change your tune.  This workshop offers specific techniques and alternatives that help you to maintain your singing voice and to improve how you sing.  In this workshop, you will learn:

– Singing and Vocal Exercises

– Tricks to Strengthen Your Voice

– How to Increase Your Range

– Creating A Unique And Natural Sound

Beginning to professional singers can join in for this booster to improve their voice.  Bring in a piece of music that you are working on to learn how you can improve the techniques that you are learning!

Sound Healing

sound healing workshopThere is a power to music that many researchers are only beginning to understand.  The power to heal is one of the many factors that is equated into sound.  From brain and mind power to opening of the energy systems, sound has the ability to heal and build one’s mind and body.  This 4 hour to 2 day intensive introduces the many ways that sound has the power to change our lives.  Participants will be introduced to:

– How sound can heal

– The power of sound frequencies

– Instrumentation and how it affects the mind – body relationship

– Using music for intellectual sharpness

– Relationships to sound and the chakra system

Through an interactive workshop, participants will gain in – depth knowledge on how to apply their own music to sound healing while going through a sound healing process.

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