Super Star X-mas Camp

Super Star Xmas Camp

Tomorrow starts the first Super Star X-Mas Camp in Goa and Im super excited!  The camp was featured in the Goa Herald for offering special learning techniques offered nowhere else in India.

You can read the full article here.

But what Im Super excited about for Super Star camp is to work with boosting the children in Goa to totally new levels of learning.  Ive noticed that children here are really sharp and really disciplined.  But last night I was singing with them at a Christmas Midnight Mass and they were so shy to come out and sing.

I already know from experience that when the shyness goes away and the confidence builds, it increases the ability to learn and approach different problems and solutions.  It isnt just the shyness but it is the psychology of how one looks at life and how they decide to move into their future.

With the super sharpness of children here, a confident outlook could absolutely change the future of India and maybe even the world.  The combination with some of the speed learning techniques they will learn will absolutely work as a transformational experience for children to approach life in a completely positive and uplifting way.

But what I think is the funnest about the camp is how the children are carrying such a positive and excited attitude.  In fact, one child called me six times yesterday, each time just to make sure that she was registered for the camp.  So adorable!  🙂

Ive never been so excited to lead a camp and to help children to expand their mindset to a new level that they have never been introduced to before.  I believe that the children in Goa have great potential and opportunities that are being cultivated.  I will be so honored if I can be a part of the building of the future in a positive and powerful manner.

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